Digital tools and new strategies make life easier for contractors and their employers, especially when there is a remote work arrangement. 

While there is always something to be said for face-to-face contact, the rise of the internet has allowed people to be productive at work without the need to sit next to each other. Then came the pandemic, which fast-tracked remote work as an overreaching option.

COVID allowed contract workers who have specialist skills but may not live near the city where jobs are available to prove it’s possible to work from anywhere and still be of value to their employer. It also gave rise to innovative tools and solutions.

Innovation Makes Remote Work Easier

As reported by McKinsey, more than half of corporate and government employees say they would like to work from home at least three days per week, and the number is even higher for innovation talent such as programmers.

While instant messaging is nothing new, in recent years it has progressed in leaps and bounds. Instead of simply chatting in real time, entire teams can now stay connected and have conversations. From Slack to the recently introduced Facebook Workplace, there are multiple options, most of which allow people to set their status, upload documents and even share their screen when conversing with colleagues. 

In the past, if messaging wasn’t working, people would jump on the phone, which was helpful but expensive, especially for a team sitting across time zones. Now, online video calls and conferences make those conversations so much easier. Innovation has given ‘Zoomers’ the ability to blur out their living or bedroom backgrounds, create separate ‘rooms within rooms’ and deliver virtual presentations to a global audience. 

It can sometimes be difficult to stay focused during a video call, which is why many companies now record meetings and have them automatically transcribed. An example of recording software is, which will produce a summary after the recording and transcript have been processed. 

Recording meetings can be helpful for those who can’t be present due to schedule conflicts. It’s generally possible to re-watch or listen at 1.5 or double speed to save time. 

In between instant messaging and video calls are voice memos, which are reportedly becoming Gen Z’s preferred way of communication. With a voice memo, you can share what you want to say by recording it and your colleague can pause, listen and re-listen. If you struggle to convey your message in words, this technology is very helpful. It’s quicker and easier to access than a traditional phone voice mail. 

The other piece of the remote work puzzle is project management software. Perhaps the biggest challenge of being in a separate geographic location is sharing information and keeping track of what’s going on. From Trello to ClickUp, these online platforms allow managers to set tasks, upload the necessary information and even estimate the amount of time required for completion. These tasks can be shifted from ‘In Progress’ to ‘Waiting on Feedback’ or ‘Ready for Client Review’ and there are plenty of opportunities for customisation. 

Innovation is also making it easier for independent contractors to be paid on time and correctly. Software like Deel handles compliance, payroll and HR on a global scale, while reducing admin for all stakeholders. 

Safety and security come into play as well. As shared by Forbes, With security risks heightened by the pandemic, the cybersecurity industry has stepped up and showcased its innovation. In particular, intelligent security technology that can mitigate insider breaches has helped organisations keep their data secure. This benefits employers and workers as it minimises risk and strengthens trust. 

Find Work From Anywhere

Innovation is also making it easy to find contract roles from anywhere. By uploading your profile to a reputable recruitment platform, you can share your experience and qualifications with the world.

If you have skills you can apply from anywhere with an internet connection, it makes sense to explore the world of independent contracting. This can give you a great job for an excellent salary and the ability to live wherever you want.

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