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We enable first degree connections between companies and independent contractors. We seamlessly match the exact requirements of both parties. Finally, it’s time to hire or work on your own terms.

No middleman, no recruitment agency fee.

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Be matched by One Degree.

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Why One Degree

The Global Workforce Is Changing

Traditional work paradigms are no longer working.

Independent contractors are now seen as a viable way for organisations to create high performing teams.

One Degree connects organisations with skilled independent contractors. 

Contracting is the preferred way to work for many people.

 There is a strong trend away from full-time employment towards independent contracting.

One Degree exposes independent contractors to work opportunities.

Essential for Employers
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Streamlined, effortless and efficient hiring process

One Degree provides you with an efficient, cost-effective and accurate solution to get the right person for the job. There is no need to trawl through thousands of online CVs or wade through email submissions. Our sophisticated algorithm does the hard work for you saving you time and significant cost. 

Accurate. Dedicated independent contractors with specific skills.

Fast. Harness accurate, intuitive and powerful search.

Effective. Time and cost saving platform 

Agile. Direct, open communication with contractors.

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Direct connection to opportunities

For skilled tech contractors, you get automatically matched with global employers at the right rate, setting your own availability.  It is simply a case of creating your profile and waiting for the work to come to you!

No search needed. Never sift through job ads ever again.

Best match technology.  Receive relevant opportunities

Free forever. No fees or hidden charges - ever.

Connect directly. No intermediaries or recruitment agents. 

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