Heading towards the financial year-end, companies often face a surge in resignations and permanent-employee attrition, peaking in the months of February, March and April. This predictable spike is typically triggered by disappointment in bonus payouts, lower-than-expected salary increases, unfavourable performance reviews and companies falling short of targets and innovation promises.

“Hiring Managers should not only anticipate this attrition spike but proactively plan for it—a practice often overlooked.”

Consequences of the attrition avalanche

  • Teams become rapidly under-resourced, placing strain on remaining members.
  • Missed delivery deadlines risk profit margin, client relationships and reputation.
  • Research and innovation are hampered due to an all-hands-on-deck approach.
  • Empty desk optics lead to a disillusioned team, questioning the company’s stability and talent retention ability.
  • Cultural vacancy and loss of confidence in the organisation.

Navigating the reactive backfilling aftermath

The real-time cost to a business facing interrupted growth momentum is the largest lost financial opportunity. Maintaining productivity ensures accurate financial performance forecasting and secures repeat business. You don’t want to get caught with your pants down year on year.

Clearing the path to the ascent

Engaging with the Independent Contractor Market offers a brilliant solution to avoid downtime, maintain momentum and mitigate the risks associated with staff attrition. Independent Contractors act as a flexible, efficient A&E department, plugging staffing leaks.

Strategic route planning: while Independent Contractors may charge a premium, the real cost of compromised momentum through attrition far outweighs the investment. Skilled contractors bring specialised expertise, yielding more value for the business.

Building resilience: preventing disruptions is key. Knowing that permanent staff attrition is imminent, companies should quickly engage Independent Contractors to ensure role outputs are met. Companies can choose when to bring in contractors and when to let them go, maintaining momentum without labour law constraints.

Summit success: when the market can’t serve up new permanent employees at speed, engaging with the alternate market is the smart solution. The Independent Contractor Market emerges as a practical solution, preventing downtime, maintaining momentum and reducing the risk of empty desks. This solution boosts productivity during times of high resignations, stepping in to fill gaps, finish tasks, support the team, expedite delivery and bring in valuable fresh perspectives.

“Independent contractors empower your team to reach new heights, particularly during the most demanding and challenging phases.”

Start the year with the right gear

Forward-thinking companies know that to keep moving forward they need to keep connected to the talent market.

One Degree, a market-leading platform, connects companies directly to Independent Contractors efficiently, at the right rate, availability and engagement terms. Forward-thinking companies stay connected to the talent market through One Degree, connecting with contractors faster, cheaper and better.

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