In a world grappling with a perceived global shortage of tech skills and a burgeoning  demand for flexible tech contractors, a ground-breaking solution has been launched.

Introducing One Degree, the disruptive digital hiring platform that is set to reshape the way businesses connect with skilled tech contractors. Engineered with the modern gig economy, remote work, and radical flexibility trends in mind, One Degree seeks to revolutionise the recruitment process, facilitating seamless connections between businesses and high-quality independent tech contractors.

“Today’s fast-paced global IT job market has added tremendous pressure on organisations to quickly and cost-effectively source the right talent. Traditional recruitment methods have become cost-prohibitive, resource-intensive, and imprecise, resulting in frustrations and ultimately prohibiting growth for businesses,” says Lindsay Cowan, CEO at One Degree.

A Platform for the future of work

The One Degree platform empowers SMEs and corporates to directly match with skilled independent tech contractors without the need for intermediaries. By fostering direct connections, One Degree significantly reduces the time, effort, and financial resources typically associated with recruitment.

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