Contracting is a fulfilling lifestyle which offers excellent flexibility as well as great pay but some people do not consider it because they are worried about job security. 

However, the results of a recent survey show professionals are increasingly comfortable having a fixed end date for their jobs. 

Job Security vs Happiness

Having a secure job doesn’t mean you are happy, as a recent survey proved.

Based on responses from 8,000 people, the survey found satisfaction levels amongst contractors are significantly higher than those of their permanent counterparts. 

The outcome said contractors are an incredible 97% happier than their permanently employed counterparts. 

Participants discussed: 

– Opportunities for development

– Flexibility

– Assignments undertaken

– Recognition received

– Ability to express creativity

– Level of income.

It looks like the traditional career path is over. McKinsey & Company, which authored the survey, said, “These findings echo a large body of academic work pointing to the importance of choice, autonomy, and self-agency as key drivers of worker satisfaction. Free agents (contractors) cite higher satisfaction than traditional workers across issues ranging from the creativity they can express to opportunities for learning and recognition.”

Contracting is Becoming the New Normal

Contractors have the opportunity to build their skills across a range of roles and industries. Instead of sitting at work and hoping for a promotion, they can regularly apply for new roles and take on fresh challenges. 

Other reasons why contractors are seeking out this working model include: 

  • The flexibility to work from anywhere or to negotiate a ‘hybrid’ combination of at-work and office days
  • The flexibility to negotiate working hours
  • The possibility of relocating to a new country for a short term role
  • The opportunity to learn about different companies and industries, and to get to know new people every few months
  • The chance to work on exciting and creative projects 
  • The ability to plan extended time off as desired
  • The potential to charge a higher rate
  • Worker shortages making it easier to pick and choose roles.

If you’re considering switching to contracting and you have an in-demand skill set, it may be possible to find work with a globally-recognised brand, regardless of where you live. With skilled workers being sought-after around the world at this time, it’s no wonder contractors are happy to forgo the security of a permanent job in favour of regular change and a more flexible lifestyle. 

Contracting can be beneficial for young singles and people raising a family alike because of the options it presents to design your own work/life balance and choose how/where you work. 

How to Avoid Contractor Pitfalls

You will be happy as a contractor if you can find rewarding roles and don’t have to spend too long searching for your next contract. 

Contractors who struggle to find their next position often fail to promote themselves or do not leverage online platforms which allow them to showcase their skills and their work. The ones who have a strong online profile and in-demand skills are happiest because they don’t lose sleep wondering where their next role will come from. 

Those who find continued success with contracting have the confidence to negotiate so they can live and work on their own terms. This may mean working completely remotely from the business or pushing for a higher salary which will bridge any gaps between contracts. 

Let employers come to you by creating your online profile and sharing your availability as well as your skills. Once the ball is rolling and you have some experience under your belt, there is no reason why you can’t consider contracting as a long-term career prospect and feel every bit as content (if not more so) as someone who works for the same company for many years.

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